1-2-3-Ways to Maintain Your Brain Power

Trying to maintain brain power as we age means we need to exercise safely and we need to try to read as long as we can. Laughing releases healthy chemicals into our systems and hiking in unfamiliar territory forces us to practice balance and forethought.

At Satori Pathway we educate families on the dementia journey. We also help assess the needs of the Alzheimer or dementia client. We will answer questions and try to create a care plan covered by Medicare.

Please call me …do you know what drink helps the brain because it helps the heart?

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All the kids I know,including myself,are happy those elves are ageless and can remember what our wishes are for Christmas.I remember hanging almost upside on the stairway with my sisters Christmas Eve night trying to “catch” Santa or the elves bringing our gifts.

If a family member has Alzheimer’s’ remembering the old days is not as difficult as remembering how to bake Christmas cookies from a recipe.Losing the ability to process is baffling and frustrating for the person losing memory and for the family.Please call 779-537-5249-or commen.Satori Pathway is here for families with these issueelvess.

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75% of the Time Satori Is With People

I am with people in their home,or on the phone listening to them, 75 percent of the work day.People with dementia,or their loved ones, have lots of questions about the disease process.Satori is a group of professionals that educate,resource,listen,nurse,and provide support through all the stages of dementia.Satori has lots of experience and knowledge Ky I-75with the unusual dementias and of course with Alzheimer’s.

I love having the opportunity to make the journey a bit easier for these family members.One woman spoke with me on the phone a few weeks ago and SHE was actually the patient,When we first visited her she could not speak and she could barely shuffle across their kitchen floor.I am smiling right now remembering her voice.That is the most important thing…witnessing people get better and have joy again.

Call me and tell me about your experience with helping people get resources for dementia.779-537-5249 or815-395-2157.Please comment also.

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Blue Moon 1959-1963

My sister Brenda is 5yrs. older than me…we shared the dormer in our bungalow where you could hear her collections of Motown,the Beatles and classic rock.Music is embedded deep in our memory.One of the lasting abilities elderly patients have is to remember music and lyrics.They might not know their grandchild by name but they can sing a song and dance to a song from their 20′s and 30′s.Satori Pathway helps family and caregivers find a way to make a challenging day with a dementia patient fun and spontaneous at some point.

Please call me at Satori with any questions about dementia or Alzheimer’s.779-537-5249

I would love to hear about your musical memories.

I love music abd old people.

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2 Special Guests-Who Are You?

Someone should show up to our group that I have not met yet…our leader said two new people are coming to blog.I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things.Conversing and reading are two activities that keep sparking our brains.People who are displaying signs of dementia- early symptoms or mid-stage symptoms-are sometimes  kept from visiting socially, because of the family’s inappropriate shame regarding the patient.At SatoriPathway we try to educate and answer any questions regarding methods for staying guest_parking_signas social as possible.Please call or comment about any experience that you have had with meeting new people or trying to deal with the challenges of a family member with dementia.

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Remember To Practice 21 times

21 seems to be the magic number for imbedding a new skills,name,or process, one might want to remember.When I meet a new person in the business network I try to repeat their name with an associated link 21 times.

What would it be like to struggle with not even being able to remember the name of someone you have known for many years?What is it like to be the grandchild of someone you know is your grandparent and they do not know your name all of a sudden?How about making a favorite dessert you have “put together” for many years that the family loves?779-537-5249 or 815-395-2157..I look forward to hearing from you.

The frustration that goes along with all these examples is just part of the journey of the family suffering from some form of dementia. Satori Pathway is a professional resource group ready to help in many unique ways as you navigate the unknown in this Alzheimer decline.Satori Pathway can answer questions,get family members to the help they need to ehlp their loved one and listen with no judgement.

Call or comment on this 21 time experience with learning and remembering.I look forward to visiting with you.

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How many people go searching for information to help solve their problems? I think the number is over 1 billion.If anyone is looking for resources to help with Alzheimer’s or dementia related problems in a loved one -Satori Pathway is the way to go.crowdscrowds

Satori answers questions everyday for nurses,and social workers in hospitals looking for in-home care for the geriatric community.We are experienced and we respond in 24-48 hours to bring information and help to the patient with Alzheimer’s.

Please call Anne @779-537-5249 and tell me what problems have been solved by searching the internet for support with the disease of Alzheimer’s.

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